Becher Bay

Lot A, 10 Acres, $429,900 - SOLD
Lot B, 10 Acres, $399,900

This rare elevated subdivision seems to defy gravity as your climb to these amazing view sites. Each Lot allows for secondary homes to be built and each lot has 2 wells drilled. The perc has been established for subdivision requirements, but you will need to re-submit for approval during the Building Permit process.
* Developer’s Engineer can be at hand for all assistance through processes that may be required.

Information on East Sooke Park

East Sooke’s coast trail is considered one of the premier day hikes in Canada, a west coast wilderness experience within easy reach of the city. The 10 kilometer trail is rough and winding, a challenging 6 hour trip even for experienced hikers. One moment you travel across a bluff of windswept pines with the ocean crashing at your feet. Next you enter a dark rainforest at the end of a ravine. Turn a corner and you’re back in sunlight, at the edge of the sea.

Begin your hike at Pike Road, and take the trail to Iron Mine Bay. The forest is thick with Douglas fir, Western Hemlock, and closer to shore, Sitka Spruce. The route to the small, horseshoe- shaped bay is lush with mosses, ferns, and shrubs like fruit bearing Salmonberry. Heading east along the Coast Trail, you pass sharp cliffs where Pelagic Cormorants roost. Watch them swoop and dive for food, then fly back to their rocky homes. Later, stop at Cabin Point where a small trap shack is testimony to a fishing post.

As you travel the trail look for plants as old as time - Kinnikinnik, Oregon Grape, and Salal- surviving despite the hard wind and salt spray. Continue east to Beechy Head. Here the wild and beautiful coastline is marked by jagged bluffs, a reminder of the ageless struggle between land and sea.

Feel the presence of the Coast Salish people at Alldridge Point, designated as a Provincial Heritage Site in 1927. Here you’ll see petroglyphs bruised into the rock, a style particular to the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Near the end of the Coast Trail is Creyke Point, a rocky headland of unusual shapes against emerald green water.

Your hike ends at Aylard Farm. A heritage apple orchard is all that remains of the last settlement. Where livestock once grazed, meadows are now sweet with Clover, Wild Rose, and Blue-eyed Grass. At dusk, Columbian Black-tailed Deer wander in from the surrounding forest to feed. The hidden white sand beach at the end of the orchard is an amazing discovery.

You are surrounded by quaint & friendly fisherman’s marinas Just minutes away from 3. Whether you chose on Peddar Bay, Cheanuh at Spirit Bay, or our closest neighbour Becher Bay Marina, you can’t go wrong for your easy launch. Don’t miss stopping it at The Smokin Tuna Café for absolutely amazingly-priced dinners and lunches. You will be certain to put this stop on your tour every time once you try it!

LOT 4 - Internationally acclaimed, environmentally sensitive construction. Now completed: