We have chosen Cathy Duncan as our exclusive realtor for more than 3 decades.  She brings a high degree of professionalism, expertise and experience to every transaction.  Her services run far beyond expectation.  From clear staging suggestions to detailed written feedback, to work with local municipalities, Cathy is supportive and deeply involved at every stage of the selling and buying process.  Her knowledgeable advice is deeply appreciated.

Over many years we have bought and sold real estate through Cathy Duncan for mainly investment purposes.  Over the past few months, Cathy has sold two of our rental homes.  She actually staged one home with her own furniture and art and the rental looked amazing as it was brought to market.  She worked closely with the tenants of the second rental which took all the pressure from us as owners.  Cathy created impressive binders that were complete with every detail about the homes.  One home sold sight unseen very quickly and we firmly believe it was due to the detailed content of her presentation.

When it came time to sell our personal home of 31 years recently, we knew Cathy was our only choice.  She methodically laid out the plan we would follow to bring our home to its greatest marketability.  We followed her every suggestion and the result was extremely satisfying.  We were very grateful for her sensitivity as we packed up years of memories.  She brought a level of compassion to the transaction that we found comforting.  We are very grateful and satisfied customers.

We can recommend Cathy Duncan and Associates without reservation!

Stu and Lynne Maple

Cathy Duncan was my Listing Agent for the sale of my rental property on Whiffin Spit in Sooke. The property was under a Rent-to-Own contract and I sought Cathy’s advice on the contract and condition of the home. Sadly, the tenants had let the place run down and it was a mess. Cathy got involved right away and took me to the Municipal Hall and talked the Building Inspector into coming right away to see the work the tenant had done rebuilding a deck. Cathy spoke with the tenants and my lawyer for me. She assisted in a difficult situation to find common ground and calmly got them out for me. After I cleaned it up, Cathy brought over some staging items from her own home and made it look cozy. Cathy arranged for good photos and a pre-marketing inspection that helped us immensely in readying the property for a smooth sale. Cathy went through a foot deep of paperwork on the property to discover a Manufactured Home was originally moved onto the land; none of which was disclosed to me when I bought it. Her legal expertise and knowledge of Manufactured Homes saved a lot of future problems for me. Once all the recertification was done – I got far more for the property than I thought I would.

Being prepared for all obstacles ahead of marketing is what Cathy does. She doesn’t pass hard work to others. She sticks with a job and her client, until the job is done. I highly recommend Cathy Duncan for all Real Estate questions and needs.

She is now my friend.

A Avalos

Today farmland is hard to come by in Victoria, so you can imagine our joy when we had been presented with the property that checked all our boxes.

Hearing about Victoria’s no-nonsense real estate market, as well as the reality of having multiple offers being common on new listings, we pursued representation of Cathy Duncan and Associates.

Recognizing our rawness, Cathy quickly had us prepared and provided guidance, all through due diligence required before offers were to be presented. She had equipped us with new knowledge, as her proficiency was extensive and extended on matters of weakness commonly found on building inspections, septic systems functionality, and land drainage. These matters are often overlooked by others in the excitement of new ownership, which account for many of the stories of problematic real estate purchases.

Now as informed clients, an opened the door to a web of widespread connections, her contacts created a fast movement in the right direction. As a monument in the field, she not only knew the listing realtors well, she generated open communication early on our interest.

In the four short days from the time we saw our home until our offer was accepted, Cathy provided straightforward guidance, revolutionary strategies. Did I forget to mention she was fast! Immediately after the good news, our lender really let us down and when we lamented to Cathy about the complexity and delays in getting answers and direction, she readily advised how best to finance the urgent situation.

Cathy once again to the rescue, got us in contact with Troy Perry of RBC that same evening. Her autonomic ability to handle emergencies under constraints not only made buying the farm permissible, had also helped us keep our town home as a rental. We had our full financing application approved within 24 hours.

Cathy’s thorough attention to detail, her calm demeanor, created reassuring, which gave us confidence in our purchase.

Having an older farm house, our homestead required a renovation. Having difficulty finding a contractor with all the new development happening in Victoria, again Cathy convinced her handyman/contractor to remain onsite and do our renovation. She provided him with her personal RV onsite to blast through an extensive reno.

Cathy’s background in development assisted us in our reno too. She showed up for the demo day; helped us arrange construction bins, facilitated the contracts for drywall and cabinetry.

In summary:

Being inexperienced home buyers, we wanted a professional, and reliable realtor on our side. Cathy Duncan’s expertise permitted her to see one of our shortcomings. Her involvement allowed us to correct these limitations in a timely matter, foremost, letting us to keep our completive edge in home purchasing. Now not only do we have the home of our dreams, her knowledge and proficiency helped alleviate our doubts and uncertainties new owners often face.

We felt as though we had a partner and friend through this important and stressful achievement. She even brought beer.

37 years of Victoria Real Estate experience paid off for us. We would whole-heartedly refer Cathy Duncan and Associates to anyone.

Thank You Cathy for going above and beyond.

John and Paul

For me, investing in real estate has been a significant component of my long term financial goals. A professional real estate agent is an integral part of maximizing my returns on my investments and needs to possess certain qualities in order to achieve successful financial results. Cathy is that total package! Her extensive knowledge and experience allows her to effectively get the best results for her clients. She takes the time to get to know her clients’ needs and regularly goes above and beyond with her kindness and supportive nature.

Just like my family home, my investment property was a means of ensuring my family was taken care of. Cathy found me an investment opportunity and facilitated the acquisition for me. Selling the property at the right time needed to financially make sense. Like myself, Cathy thinks strategically and within a relatively short period of time, the sale produced a significant gain. I am thrilled with sale price she obtained for me! I have known Cathy for nearly twenty years and I personally would not trust any other agent to handle the complexities associated with such an important financial decision. I had absolute piece of mind knowing the acquisition and subsequent sale of my investment property would be implemented professionally and with the highest level of integrity! I have already referred Cathy to a very dear friend and will continue to refer her as a trusted advisor to family and friends for many more years to come!


Cathy Duncan has been the listing real estate agent on two occasions for our extended family over the last few years. Cathy listened to our wishes to get the best sale prices for family residences which were no longer to be the primary homes for senior members. She perused the markets for us, settled on what we considered a fair price, advertised and showed these houses on our behalf. She found good solid buyers within short time frames and was able to negotiate professionally to our complete satisfaction.

Before we engaged Cathy's services, it seemed that all market indications pointed to a much lower sale price for those properties. She listened to our concerns and couched her advertising and showings to meet the objectives of a quick sale at a reasonable price.

I would definitely call upon her services should we need a real estate agent for any member of our family and would heartily recommend her to any one else.


John and Nicky Hannam